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When you think about smoking cigars, probably your first thought is about smoking indoors.  That’s certainly the classic way to enjoy a cigar.  At the same time, there’s a lot to be said for smoking outside if you get the chance.  Here are some tips on how to enjoy a cigar outside.

Choose your location with care

Before you go ahead and light up, make sure you can.  Lighting up in public spaces is highly likely to be illegal.  Even if it isn’t, anybody around is likely to object.  If you’re on private property, then it’s the property owner’s rules so check with them.

In some places, you can smoke cigars but are expected (sometimes even required) to buy them on-site.  It’s worth doing this even when you don’t, technically, have to as it encourages venues to continue to support cigar smokers.

If you have a car, it can be a great place to enjoy a cigar.  In general, however, you want to do it when you can have the windows down, especially if you share it with somebody who doesn’t smoke cigars.

Make sure you have your accessories with you

Biting off the end of a cigar may look cool in films.  In the real world, however, there’s a reason people use cutters.  Thankfully, they will easily fit into a pocket.  You’ll also need a lighter that will work outdoors.  You’re unlikely to be smoking a cigar in heavy rain or snow but you might want to smoke one when it’s windy.  Make sure you have a lighter that can cope.

You’ll also need to think about what you’ll do with your ash.  Depending on where you are, you may be able to get an ashtray from your venue.  Alternatively, in some places, it might be fine just to leave your ash on the ground.  In general, however, it’s nice if you can be considerate and clear your ash away to be disposed of appropriately.

Bring some food and drink

If you enjoy smoking cigars outdoors, then a cigar flask could be a great investment.  These are basically flasks that are divided in the middle.  You put your cigar in one side and your drink in the other.  They work best for liquor.  If you want wine or beer, it’s usually best just to bring along a bottle (or two).

When you’re enjoying a cigar indoors, it’s usual to have some food as well.  Everybody knows that food tastes even better outdoors so try to pick up something you’ll enjoy.  Again, buying food on-site is a good way to keep venues on board with cigar smoking.  If, however, you’re going out into the wilds it can be great to bring a picnic and/or cook a camp meal.

Put your phone on silent

If you’ve invested in a quality cigar, then make the time to enjoy it properly.  Your cigar break should be a chance for you to switch off and just enjoy the taste and aroma of a fine smoke.  Maybe switching your phone off completely is a step too far but at least put it on silent.  If you have a table with you, turn that off too.  Step away from the gadgets and just enjoy in peace.

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