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The Black Dragon

The "Black Dragon" is a high quality, hand made leather case for cigar aficionados. It is crafted with two things in mind - function and style. It holds 6 cigars (up to 7.5" in length), one lighter, one cutter, one cigar holder, a pen, and your business cards or credit/debit cards.

Special attention has been focused on the minutest details creating a unique design of unparalleled quality and workmanship. Each case is made of the finest cow hide leather and comes in two two-tone colors. The zipper is heavy duty and of high quality. The seams and stitching are top notch and the case is thoughtfully arranged. The flaps are hand cut with slight imperfections and unevenness giving each case its own character proving that this product is not mass-produced.

We are proud to offer this as an incentive to our members with their names embossed on the leather so they can proudly carry their cigars in style wherever they go. Non members can purchase this case for $299 plus an additional $50 if they want their name embossed on the case. Please email us if you only want to purchase the "Black Dragon" case without membership. Please note cigars and accessories are NOT included for both members and non-members

Contact us for membership application and get your Black Dragon cigar case (limited time only)